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“This research had some frankly shocking findings that highlight the scale of the expenses charade in the UK”

Johnny Vowles,
CEO of Expend

We recognise you operate in a world with many types of expense, methods of payment, ways to process them and accounting tools to integrate with.expensetypes

We handle the whole process – from payment to reconciliation – for any expense type, any currency, any business.

Why continue to pay multiple subscriptions, juggle different apps, and operate without a clear financial picture?

Consolidate company expenses in Expend, a single easy, fast, and flexible platform.

Expend is the only universal spending management software for businesses that uses click-free syncing technology with Xero or QuickBooks.

Track and manage expenses and invoices even faster regardless of how your business pays for them. 

Our smart scanning technology extracts the information you need to track and approve spending faster than ever before.

Pay our way!card_big

Your clients will save more time and increase control over spending with our Free Expend Mastercard – complete with next day delivery!

Our Flex cards provide auto budgeting features to improve company cash flow.

Control spending by setting budgets, restricting ATM withdrawals, contactless and online transactions.

Increase security and reduce fraud with instant spending notifications, 3D secure and remote card-locking.

Automated accurate expense reports are created instantly. Cardholders can add receipts, tracking categories, notes, split expenses and rebill clients. Submit them all in-app, in seconds, on the go or via the web dashboard.

Your clients can easily create accurate mileage claims on mobile or desktop. Save time and headaches as we calculate VAT for you. Create, add legs, annotate and submit trip reports in seconds!

Map Expend to QuickBooks and Xero in minutes, then relax, as all of your client's expenses data is automatically synced for you. All changes made are updated automatically, even when adding a lost receipt from months ago.

  • Always on Xero feed and Xero bank feed support means that Expend feels more like a powerful extension of Xero and keeps your accounting beautiful.
  • Expend recently became the first prepaid business card and expense management solution on the QuickBooks App Marketplace.

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